Over the course of two days, those who attended the 2019 Business & The Environment Conference heard enough good advice to fill a book. We’ve selected 10 tips from different panels to share here:

Tip #1: Taking stands on the #environment & other issues isn’t just a form of brand marketing. It’s value added for customers – especially young consumers. (From “Brands Taking Stands” panel.)

Tip #2: Pay attention to your social media accounts. If you follow an account on social media, that brand becomes part of your brand. (From “Brands Taking Stands” panel.)

Tip #3: Corporate responsibility statements are essential. They are part of your culture, and some customers won’t do business with you unless you have one. (From “Environmental Policy & Politics” panel.)

Tip #4: Be proactive in your relationships with #regulators. Call them instead of waiting for them to call you. Attend training sessions offered by regulatory agencies. (From “Perspectives of Environmental Managers” panel.)

Tip #5: When you are telling people what they should do, make sure it is something that can be done. (From “Perspectives of Environmental Managers” panel.)

Tip #6: If you withdraw from a controversial project, try to do it in a way that does not set precedent. Negotiate a withdrawal that does not include an official denial of your permit application. (“From “Permitting Export Facilities” panel)

Tip #7: Don’t sacrifice your long-term relationship with an agency or inspector over one case. (From “Navigating the Enforcement Process” panel.) #regulations

Tip #8: Before appealing a regulatory decision to a hearing board or court, do some math on the costs. You might decide the settlement on the table looks better than you originally thought. (From “Navigating the Enforcement Process” panel.)

Tip #9: With climate change, today’s solutions won’t work indefinitely. You must continually do research and evolve forest and water practices. (From “Water and Forests” panel.)

Tip #10: Make plans now to attend the 2020 Business & The Environment Conference.