Hello Business & The Environment Speakers & Moderators – 

First, thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with the clean energy sector by presenting at this year’s virtual event. Please read this email in its entirety.

Here’s what you need to know: 

Google Chrome Browser only: You must use the Google Chrome Browser to access the virtual event platform.

Internet Connection: This is the single most important aspect for a successful virtual presentation.  Without it, nothing else matters. PLEASE ensure that you plan ahead to ensure that your internet connection is secure and strong, without competing use from other people streaming online.

TrainingThere will video training sessions conducted to help familiarize you with the platform and what you need to do to present, attend other sessions, etc. Keep an eye out for Calendar Invitations for training sessions.  If you joined the conference after all training sessions have been completed, we can share a recording of a prior session upon request.

In addition to these training sessions, you may also find this platform-created training video about the speaker experience helpful.

You will be receiving regular emails from the platform, namely, from “Business & The Environment Conference + Expo”, sent from no-reply@pheedloop.com.  Please whitelist this email AND add it to your contact list under NEBC Events.

Accessing the Event: You will access points this event in your role as a speaker or moderator:

  1. Via the Speaker Portal As mentioned above, please look for an email from “no-reply@pheedloop.com“, Subject line: Speaker Portal Access”.  This is where you will complete your Speaker Profile and see the Sessions you are speaking in. This will have Tasks that must be completed by the indicated deadlines.  This is a link (in a button in the email) and does not have login credentials.
  2. Access to the “front end” of the Virtual Event – Look for an email from “no-reply@pheedloop.com“, Subject line: Speaker Event Access Credentials“. This will have a button at the bottom and a password.  This is where you will access the event at large to attend other sessions, network, etc.
  3. Via your Session Zoom Link(s) – These links will be sent to you directly as a Zoom invitation via email.  Please make sure you can receive emails from Zoom by whitelisting Zoom and adding Zoom to your contacts.  If you don’t receive yours by 3 business days prior to the event, please let us know. Speaker links are unique to each speaker and cannot be shared.

PresentingWhen you are presenting, all you need to do is access your session via your Zoom link.  You do not need to be logged in to the Pheedloop platform for presenting.

    1. You will be sharing any presentation yourself by sharing your screen.  With this in mind, it’s a good idea to practice on Zoom if you are unfamiliar with sharing your screen. You can open a Zoom account for free to practice on with your fellow session members.

      • If you are using PowerPoint, make sure you have your presentation open and in Presenter Mode before your session goes live.  The audience will still see you in a small window next to your presentation. Create all presentation materials in Wide Screen format.

      • If you are using PDF slides, make sure the file is open in Full-Screen format.

    2. You will have a Session Facilitator who joins you via the Session Zoom link 15-minutes before your session goes Iive.  We may refer to this as the “virtual green room” as only the presenters and Session Facilitator will be in there with you. They will double-check your video and audio and make sure you can share your screen. 

    3. All sessions are conducted using Zoom Webinar, which means you will not see the audience while you are presenting, you will only see your fellow presenters.

    4. Questions from the audience will appear in the Zoom Q & A feature and will be visible to all presenters.  Audience “chat” will be disabled within Zoom.

Sessions will be recorded: All presentations will be recorded and available for viewing within seven business days after the event. Recorded session files will not be available or distributed, however, if you would like to invite someone to watch your session, we can assist with giving them access to view it.

Speaker Tasks: You have a list of Tasks related to your session to complete within your Speaker Portal. Please complete them and adhere to the deadlines for each task. There are basic, such as completing your Speaker Profile, making sure you can present via Zoom, reviewing the Virtual Presentation Tips, and the like.

Moderator Tasks: You have a list of Tasks related to your session to complete within your Speaker Portal. Please complete them and adhere to the deadlines for each task. A few unique to your role include:

    • Create a “run of show” / script for your session, identifying in what order speakers will present

    • Make sure materials that should be made available for the audience to download are added to the session (via your Speaker Portal)

    • Providing the speakers with questions to answer by keep track of them within the Zoom Q & A window.

Feel free to reach out via email with any questions you have and I will respond as soon as I am able!


Aysia Wright
Operations & Events Manager
Northwest Environmental Business Council