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December 8-9, 2020

An NEBC Virtual Event

2019 Keynote Speakers

Kevin Winston

Global Environmental Affairs Leader


Mr. Winston is a graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering Technology and has 24 years of environmental management experience.  He is presently the Global Environmental Affairs Leader at Amazon.com. His primary responsibilities include managing environmental risk programs and management systems, and developing the strategic plan for mitigating environmental risks. Before coming to Amazon almost 4 years ago, Kevin was employed in the Food and Beverage Industry (PepsiCo) and the Chemical and Refining industries (Sunoco, Inc. and Rohm and Haas Company).

Steve Moore, Ph.D.

Executive Director and CEO

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Steve serves the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust as the Executive Director and CEO. Steve is an alumnus of McMurry University, Asbury Theological Seminary, St. Andrews University, and the University of Michigan. He did post-grad work at Hebrew University and Harvard University and was a visiting scholar at Oxford University. He is a widely published author and speaker and has served in a number of leadership roles in community and professional organizations.

The M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust is a private foundation that provides grants to nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest in five primary areas: scientific research, education, arts and culture and health and human services.

The Murdock Trust was established by the last will and testament of the late Melvin Jack Murdock, co-founder of Tektronix, lifelong resident of the Northwest and dedicated philanthropist. Since it was founded in 1975, the Murdock Trust has provided more than $1 billion in grants and support to more than 3,000 organizations.

2019 Featured Keynote Panel

Laurie A. Wayburn

Co-founder, Co-CEO, and President

Pacific Forest Trust

Neal Ewald

Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Green Diamond Resource Company

Meta Loftsgaarden

Executive Director

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board

Water & Forests: Transforming traditional problems into historic opportunities

Once a trickle, now a deluge, access to clean reliable water is increasingly disrupted in the Pacific NW from population and economic growth, shifts in land use/management patterns, and rising weather variability from climate disruption. Such variability impacts watershed function, and water demand affecting the region’s economic security, hydropower supplies, downstream water availability for industrial and agricultural users, as well as environmental benefits of hunting, fishing, water for fish and wildlife and recreation. Traditionally, water conflicts have been intense, often legal and legislative battles pitting users against other users. But this problem can be turned into an economic opportunity. In this plenary session, we will hear about Oregon’s 100-year water vision and learn from innovative policy advocates and working landowners on how to build a new resource economy supporting businesses and landowners for protecting and restoring watersheds to ensure long-term resiliency for the region’s rapidly growing economy.

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